Our Approach

We’re not just marketers, we’re business people first and we know you expect a ROI for your marketing.

Strategic Marketing Appoach

Your Virtual Marketing Department

As your virtual marketing team, we work as an extension of your management team to accomplish current sales and marketing initiatives. Our marketing services take a strategy before tactics approach where we put measurable results first.

Why Extension Marketing?

We have diverse experience, market knowledge and fresh thinking across many industry sectors. Our strategy before tactics approach helps ensure we put measurable results first for all of our clients.

As a virtual marketing department we offer more than most in-house teams:

  • Years of senior level marketing, advertising, sales and C-level executive experience
  • An understanding that when marketing is done right it will grow your business
  • Digital acumen from our team of strategists who devote time to staying on top of the evergreen digital landscape
  • In-house content creation including video and photography in our fully setup studios
  • An exceptional client experience that incorporates the rigour of process, and a friendly client-first attitude that helps our clients stay on time, budget and on course to deliver measurable results
  • Access to a network of trusted and like-minded creative partnerships should the need for additional services arise
  • We take a long view of our client relationships, and are always at the ready to help you take full advantage of opportunities and respond to challenges.

Our Process

360 Marketing Review

Step 1 – 360 Degree Review

First, we sit down with you and your team so we can get a 360 degree view of all aspects of your current marketing initiatives. Our goal is to to fully understand your company, your goals and how we can help support you in achieving them.

Understanding your market is just as important as knowing your company. So our next move is to ensure we understand your customers and competition.

Step 2 – Findings & Recommendations

Now that we know you, your customers, your competitors and the markets you service, our team – using their years of senior level marketing, advertising, sales and C-level executive experience – provides you with insightful findings and impactful recommendations.

Step 3 – Strategy

Now that we have identified some data driven opportunities that will help you accomplish your current sales and marketing initiatives, we work with you to prioritize the action items. From here we work with the budget to develop effective marketing, communication, and sales strategies that will deliver measurable results.

Step 4 – Implementation

With a fully developed strategy the members of the Extension Marketing team work with you to implement each task.

Step 5 – Monitoring & Optimization

To ensure that we are on track and achieving the desired milestones, we measure and monitor the performance of all our marketing, communication, and sales strategies. Based on this data we make strategic adjustments to the strategy and optimize tactics as needed. 

Let us become your virtual marketing department at a fraction of the cost and without the added headcount.

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