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Social Media

The world of social media can be daunting to many business. With so many platform options and new ones being created it can be hard to know what ones are best for your business to use.

Social Media Management

Being on the right platform for your audience is important but social media is more than just having a profile, you need a social media management plan. Consistent activity is needed to help build your online presence, nurture customer relationships and engage with your audience. This can be hard for a business as it is a large dedication of time and resources to create interesting, engaging and relevant content for each posting on every platform you are on. Social media management helps by pre planning these needed assets and helps manage resources efficiently for timely and effective posting.

Social Media Marketing

When you build your social media presence you can expand your market reach with social media marketing. Social media management is the organic side, posting on your page and managing reviews and messages. But to reach outside of your followers’ audience you need to advertise, for example placing a Facebook ad to reach people in the area who have not liked your page and fit your audience profile.

Each social media platform offers its own type of marketing design options and purpose. From awareness ads to form submissions, video ads to shopping ads you can reach your audience on a number of social sites. Depending on what you want to achieve and who you are speaking to some platforms may be more effective than others, so a social media marketing plan is needed to help you target your advertisements successfully.