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Lead conversion & sales processes

Marketing’s primary purpose is to drive leads to your business.

Sales Plan

A good sales plan converts leads into sales and loyal customers. It starts at the company level, in understanding your mission as a company, the goals and targets you wish to achieve and the structure of your sales and fulfilment teams. What method, how you will conduct your sales, who is responsible for what, where you will conduct your sales, as well as how you will support it all are all things to consider.

With all this understood it is a matter of building the needed company architecture, processes, messaging and sales path to facilitate your customers journey. All this together is your new sales plan.

Sales Funnel Optimization

A sales funnel, or conversion path is the journey your store or site visitors take to achieve your desired goal; be this form submissions and becoming a warm lead for your sales team or purchasing from your site directly. When you have your sales plan down but you are still not seeing the leads and sales you want you may need to review your process, sales architecture and/or messaging for improvement areas. These improvements and changes are known as sales funnel optimization.