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Public Relations

Public relations is a great tool to help persuade your audience, build or repair relationships and manage reputations and reviews – when used properly.

When most people think of public relations they think of damage control and news coverage. However, it’s much more than that as it relates to all aspects of your customer service, reputation building and public opinion.

PR includes media relations and crisis communications but also community relations, public affairs, internet communications, strategic communications and online/ social media communications. It comes into play anytime a company speaks to the public when it’s not an advertisement.

Managing your PR needs a strategic and multitouch point plan. First is managing your brand and reputation, and how you speak with people at every point of contact. Next is how you manage peoples options of you (public reviews, customer support, etc.). Then, how you manage a crisis or to day negativity. Lastly, how you manage your affairs and company issues publicly. All of which are in an ever growing cycle that changes and develops with your business.