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Digital advertising is the most affordable way to market your business. The best part? It’s measurable.

Digital marketing is a general term that covers all forms of marketing online from SEO and content, video, websites, social media, and of course advertising. The online world is ever changing and new digital trends emerge quickly. The business that are best at adapting and making it work for them are the ones winning online.

Pay per click

Digital advertising, also known as pay per click (PPC), is text or image digital ads placed within search engines or other sites. These ads are often charged based on the number of clicks the ads get, however other models that are charged based on interaction (such as video views) or impressions are also commonly called PPC ads.

The largest network for digital marketing is Google. They not only offer search ads within their own search result pages but also display ads on millions of sites, video ads within sites and on YouTube, product ads and more. Be it on Google’s network or anywhere online a PPC management strategy is needed. Each ad type has its own creative requirements and best uses depending on your marketing goals. Running ads without consideration of your overall marketing strategy and a digital strategy can lead to ineffective ads and often overspending.