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A communications strategy is needed for every aspect of your business. It’s needed internally, from everyday operations to management announcements, and it’s needed externally, from emails to suppliers to marketing to new customers. A proper communications strategy helps you define how and when you communicate with multiple audience groups. It helps you keep internal and external communications in line with your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Part of your communication to your customers is undoubtedly emails. This could be a newsletter that includes information and product updates or transactional. Each is a direct communication with your customers and an opportunity to build your relationship with them. But this is not always as simple as writing an email and clicking send.

Email marketing has to be seen as useful and interesting to the receiver or they lose interest in your communications, can unsubscribe or worse get annoyed and develop a negative association with your brand.The goal is to develop automated emails that fulfill their purpose and add value for the customer and create mass emails that help positively nurture customer relationships while still sharing the information you wish to convey.