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Graphic Design

Do you want works of art or art that works? Our strategy-based approach starts with research to understand your brand identity and target market. We then sketch and prototype designs and choose colours that resonate with your target audience. Our end goal is to provide you with a design that reflects your brand.

We follow the design thinking process, which includes five vital steps:

1. Empathize. In phase one, we gather data on the target audience including geographic, psychographic and demographic information. We also conduct a competitive audit, and familiarize ourselves with current design trends, colour psychology and user behaviour.

2. Define. Using the data gathered in phase one, we define the problem the users and our clients may be experiencing.

3. Ideate. In this phase, we use the problem statement to develop a creative direction for your project. This may include a colour palette, font, imagery and illustration style recommendations that will speak to your target audience. Next, we begin to sketch and brainstorm ideas for the final solution on paper.

4. Prototype. In this phase, we take our ideas from paper to digital, and bring them to life. In this phase, you will see living, breathing designs!

5. Test. Behind every great design is reason and strategy, which is why we test our designs with our target audience to make sure we’re getting it right. Revisions are made in this final stage before launching the final product.