I can’t afford my own marketing team. Can you help?


Extension Marketing was founded based on the premise that not every business can or should have a full-time marketing person or team.

In fact, we can provide you with a Virtual Marketing Department for less than what you would pay a mid-level marketing person.

Our business model is based around the following principles:

Very few businesses can afford to employ a full marketing department.

Even fewer businesses can afford to employ even one full-time marketing person. It’s nearly impossible for an employee or a team to stay on top of the latest marketing trends while also doing their day to day work. You will never be able to find one employee (let alone a team) that can do everything Extension Marketing will for your company. Years of strategic marketing experience, digital marketing expertise, SEO qualified, produce high quality videos, can build the key four cornerstones of a cost effective marketing solution, that have years experience as a C-Level executive and truly understanding the role that marketing takes in shaping your business.

so, what’s the catch?

First o, we are not the right t for everyone and not everyone is the right fit for us. We work with organizations that see the value and the impact that growing their revenues will bring and they understand there is an investment in making that happen. Want to learn more? Please fill out this application and we will get back to you within 24 hours and answer any questions you might have.