I don’t know if my marketing is working or not.


Time and time again, we see companies that are using all kinds of tactics without an overarching strategy. Every single one of them is wasting most of their marketing budget.

When we work with our clients a large portion of the initial time spent with them is on building an effective strategy. In fact, we insist that our clients don’t spend any of their hard earned dollars on marketing until an agreed upon strategy is put in place.

It’s like building a house. Would you start putting up walls without a solid foundation? Of course not. Why is your marketing any different? It shouldn’t be.

our workshop

The first step in building an effective marketing strategy is to determine your Average Customer Value, this is the most important marketing metric. In fact, without knowing this number there is no point in doing any marketing, period.

We conduct an entire workshop where we help you determine this number and the impact it has on your business.

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