4Point is the global leader in documents and forms, and specializes in Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Forms. They employ many of the original architects of the Adobe forms technology used by major global organizations. 

This expertise and focus in Adobe-based enterprise level document and form solutions helps organizations meet modern business challenges through the transformation from paper to digital. 4Point gives organizations limitless opportunities to save money, increase efficiencies, and enhance end-user experiences.



4Point works with large organizations in the financial services and health insurance industries, but because of the scale of these operations, their work is siloed within departments of these industries. 

The solutions they successfully deployed for departments could be translated to other departments in these organizations to increase efficiencies in operations. Despite this, the sales and marketing team at 4Point was challenged to connect with the right people and create new opportunities within the organizations they already worked with.



The team at Extension Marketing introduced a multifaceted Linkedin campaign to target users in the organizations they already worked with:

  • Messaging was developed that outlined the solutions and associated benefits that were already being deployed in their organizations.
  • Using Cleverly, targeting was developed to send out connection invites to employees in the organizations.
  • If a connection was accepted, a sequence of messaging was sent to the connections.
  • A Linkedin awareness campaign using video was implemented to support the Cleverly campaign and add visibility to the 4Point brand.
  • The sales team at 4Point began posting vlogcast style videos discussing the capabilities of forms that new connections could see on their Linkedin feeds.



4Point saw more engagement than they ever have with any other initiative, and opened the door to opportunities they were struggling to make.

  • 19.4% Connection Rate
  • 42.15% Response Rate
  • 92 New Connections


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