Client Background

Newgate 180, Ontario’s leading non-profit addiction treatment centre, faced a critical challenge in generating leads through their online platforms. Recognizing the need for a digital overhaul, they partnered with Extension Marketing to enhance their online presence.


1. Website Enhancement: Newgate 180’s website exhibited statistics in need of improvement, including a site health score of 89%, 10 errors, 183 warnings, and 70 notices, resulting in poor user experience and hindered SEO.

2. SEO Ranking: Organic search traffic was struggling, with the site only ranking on 94.53% of their keywords on pages 2 and beyond.

3. Underperforming Digital Advertising: The current Facebook campaign failed to generate any leads, highlighting the need for a more effective approach.


Extension Marketing conducted a comprehensive audit and devised a multifaceted solution to address Newgate 180’s challenges:

1. Website Transformation: EM identified critical errors, optimized site speed, incorporated SEO strategies across all pages, and revamped the website to provide a fresh and engaging user experience.

2. Strategic Google Advertising Campaign: EM initiated a targeted Google Advertising Campaign, utilizing custom landing pages to maximize lead generation.


Website Improvements: Significant progress was made to enhance site health, with the site health score increasing to 92% and only one remaining error. Moreover, there was a notable reduction in warnings and notices, despite some adjustments made by the client that affected the site score.

1. Improved SEO Rankings: A remarkable improvement was observed, as 82.80% of keywords now rank on page 2 or better, showcasing a 17.19% increase towards page 1.

2. Optimized Site Speed: The site’s loading speed underwent a dramatic improvement, decreasing from 7.8 seconds to 2.2 seconds, resulting in a more seamless user experience.

3. Boosted Backlinks: The number of backlinks grew from 413 to 567, spanning 116 domains, effectively reducing SEO risk.

4. Digital Advertising Success: The Google Advertising Campaign generated an impressive 217,971 impressions and garnered 3,565 clicks to the custom landing pages.

5. Increased User Engagement: The campaign resulted in 6,164 sessions with 4,199 new users, leading to 14,849 pageviews and indicating a significant boost in user engagement.

6. High Conversion Rate: A total of 144 conversions were achieved, with 104 form submissions, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness in generating leads.

Through strategic initiatives, Extension Marketing successfully transformed Newgate 180’s website performance and revitalized their digital advertising efforts. The comprehensive improvements led to increased site health, higher SEO rankings, and a significant boost in lead generation through targeted advertising.

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