Dr. Trefor Nodwell, MD CM, FRCSC is a fully qualified plastic surgeon certified with the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. He is a Staff Plastic Surgeon at the Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario and also has privileges at the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital in Carleton Place, Ontario. He has been in independent practice in our Nation’s Capital since 2005 and is Co-Owner of The Ottawa Clinic.

His practice focus is cosmetic plastic surgery with an emphasis on breast aesthetics (breast augmentation and mastopexy), body contouring (liposuction, abdominoplasty, thigh lift, and arm lift) as well as facial plastic surgery (eyelid lift, facelift, neck lift, and forehead lift). He has specific additional training in non-surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation (BOTOX® Cosmetic, injectable fillers, and micro fat grafting).


Three years ago Extension Marketing was hired to promote Dr. Nodwell’s practice within the larger The Ottawa Clinic practice.  But by 2023, as the clinic grew substantially in professional staff and services, it was important to not only focus on Dr. Nodwell’s surgical practice, but also the non-surgical procedures of the clinic as a whole.


In late 2022, Extension Marketing launched a Google search campaign that, with a seasonal approach, focused on both surgical and non-surgical treatments. 

Dr. Nodwell’s digital ad strategy aimed to effectively showcase a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical services, aligning with the seasonal interests in services and the best practices for treatments. Surgical procedures showcased were Labiaplasty and Tummy Tucks, while non-surgical treatments included BOTOX®, Coolsculpting, IPL, Hollywood Facials, AviClear and Hair Removal.

The strategic tactics employed in Dr. Nodwell’s Google search campaign were designed to maximize the effectiveness and reach of the digital advertising efforts. Below are the specific tactics that were utilized:

Landing Pages: Dedicated landing pages were created for each surgical and non-surgical treatment providing comprehensive information about the specific treatments, including before-and-after photos where available, treatment images and other relevant content. The landing pages aimed to educate and provide a fast and easy way for potential patients to book a consultation, ultimately driving conversions.

Ad Customization: The campaign featured tailored ad copy and keywords for each ad group, focusing on the specific treatments or problems being addressed. This customization enhanced the relevance of the ads, making them more appealing to users actively searching for related information. 

Seasonal Targeting: The strategic approach of the campaign involved aligning with seasonal interests and treatment best practices. For example, during spring time or Mother’s Day, the campaign highlighted related services or offers to generate increased interest and engagement from potential patients.

Customer Journey Targeting: The campaign successfully targeted individuals at different stages of the customer journey. For those already aware of the specific treatment they required, the ads emphasized the expertise and benefits of Dr. Nodwell’s services. Simultaneously, for individuals seeking solutions to a problem or concern, the ads addressed their specific issues. By positioning Dr. Nodwell as a trusted source, the campaign aimed to attract and engage these users, guiding them towards considering available treatments.

Conversion Optimization: To maximize conversions, the campaign employed conversion optimization techniques. This included A/B testing of ad copy and landing page layouts. By analyzing the performance of different variations, the campaign identified the most effective messaging and design elements. This data-driven approach allowed for continuous refinement and improvement, ensuring the campaign achieved optimal results in terms of conversions and overall effectiveness.


By utilizing these strategic tactics, Dr. Nodwell’s digital advertising campaign successfully captured the attention of potential patients, educated them about the available treatments, and motivated them to take action by choosing Dr.Nodwell as their trusted healthcare provider.

Over the course of the paid search program campaign, a total of 38,147 impressions were generated. Impressions refer to the number of times the ads were displayed to users. The campaign garnered 2,615 clicks, representing the number of times users clicked on the ads. Furthermore, the campaign achieved 82 conversions, signifying the number of individuals who took a desired action to fill out the contact form on the landing page to scheduling a consultation. Dr. Nodwell has an 80% conversion rate from the consultation meeting to treatment, thus this represented significant revenue for the clinic.

Dr. Nodwells Google advertising campaign successfully reached a broad audience and generated significant impressions and clicks. The high conversion rates achieved indicate the campaign’s success in attracting qualified leads and driving meaningful actions from potential patients.

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