Oueis Dentistry, a reputable dental practice with two locations in Ottawa, faced a challenging period due to the pandemic’s impact on patient visits. Despite being recognized as an essential service, fear of contracting COVID-19 led to a decline in patient footfall, resulting in a pressing need to attract new patients to both their Glebe and Carling Avenue practices. This case study highlights the exceptional results achieved through a strategic Google AdWords campaign conducted by Extension Marketing, igniting a transformative journey of growth and success for Oueis Dentistry.


As the pandemic continued to cast its shadow, Oueis Dentistry grappled with a decline in patient visits and a limited inflow of new patients. Rebuilding their practice’s reputation and attracting new patients became a crucial priority for the dental clinic.


In response to the challenge, Oueis Dentistry collaborated with Extension Marketing to implement a multi-year and multi-location Google AdWords program. The campaign centered around three customer-focused inquiries when individuals searched for dentists in Ottawa:


  1. Service-specific keywords.
  2. Location-based keywords.
  3. General keywords related to dentistry, such as “Best Dentist in Ottawa” or “Best Dentist near the Glebe.”

These targeted keywords helped maximize search traffic and effectively position Oueis Dentistry as a leading choice for prospective patients seeking exceptional dental care in Ottawa.


Comparing the performance of Oueis Dentistry between February and May 2023 revealed outstanding outcomes that underscored the effectiveness of the Google AdWords campaign.

Increased Conversion Rates: The campaign led to a remarkable 23.81% surge in conversions during May compared to February. Patients responded favorably to the enticing advertisements, clicking through to access Oueis Dentistry’s services.

Expansive Reach: Impressions skyrocketed by 29.95%, reaching a wider audience and significantly enhancing brand visibility. The campaign successfully captured the attention of potential patients searching for dental services in Ottawa.

Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR): The CTR experienced a substantial boost of 21.61%, indicating the compelling and relevant nature of the ads. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the carefully crafted ad copy in encouraging prospective patients to explore Oueis Dentistry further.

Improved Cost Efficiency: Despite the impressive growth in impressions and clicks, the campaign’s cost increased only marginally by 5.90%. This indicates an efficient allocation of marketing resources, maximizing returns while driving business growth.

Mobile Dominance: The campaign capitalizes on the mobile market, with 62.3% of users accessing Oueis Dentistry’s services through mobile devices. This underscores the practice’s adaptability and responsiveness to the changing habits of prospective patients.

Oueis Dentistry’s Google Advertising Campaign showcases the powerful impact of a well-executed and results-driven marketing strategy.

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