Renew Neurotherapy is a multi-location organization made up of a team of psychotherapists, occupational therapists, mental health and learning coaches, tutors, rehabilitation assistants, psychotherapists and psychologists. They are client-focused and non-judgemental and offer a supportive stress-free environment. They use comprehensive brain-based, science-supported therapies, techniques and resources customized for you to promote recovery to help make their clients feel better faster.

They offer in person clinic services in Ottawa, North Bay and Pembroke and Petawawa and online services anywhere in Ontario.

With Covid 19, mental health issues were on the rise for many. For those living in smaller communities, mental health services are difficult to access. They often require a long drive into major cities to access. Renew Neurotherapy wanted to help more people and let them know that they have clinics in the smaller centres; North Bay and Pembroke and Petawawa and for those who live further afield that they offer services online.


Extension Marketing launched a targeted paid search Google Ads program focused in North Bay, Pembroke, and Petawawa promoting service orientated keywords. This reached those looking for mental health support in these smaller markets. To promote online services, we launched a general online service campaign covering all locations and surrounding areas.

The campaigns ran consistently from May 10 to November 30th, 2021. During this time the campaigns were measured, monitored and optimized to ensure that when people searched for mental services in those areas, they were served up an ad from Renew.


The paid search program:

  1. Generated 39 direct conversions: 33 filled out a form on the ad landing page and 6 called the number directly. 100% of these conversions resulted in clients signing up for at least one therapy session.
  2. During the program the paid traffic counted as 21.69% of the site traffic and 24% of contact form submissions (23% direct, 1% assisting to direct traffic conversions). 88% of the paid traffic was from new visitors, and 86% of the paid conversions were from new visitors.

The paid search program was so successful that the campaign had to be paused in early December due to a growing waiting list, particularly in North Bay and Petawawa.

Additional Metrics:

  • 21,507 Impressions
  • 1,236 Clicks
  • 5.75% CTR
  • $2.34 CPC
  • $2,894.88 Cost
  • 33 Direct Conversions (Forms)
  • 2.67% Conversion rate
  • $87.72 Conversion cost

The strategic selection of keywords and phrases used for this Google Search Campaign yielded over twenty-one thousand impressions to their ads. The pain-point-focused headlines in the ad copy lead to more than twelve hundred clicks to their website. The campaign yielded great results of 39 direct landing page conversions, with 100% of these conversions resulting in new clients signing up for at least one therapy session.

The success of this campaign led to the creation of a waitlist that continued to grow as the campaign progressed. This success resulted in a shift in advertising to focus on recruitment, as more employees were required to meet the needs of their growing client base.

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