The Stem Cell Patient Fund – Empowering Patients through Branding and Digital Outreach


The Stem Cell Patient Fund, a legacy endowment of The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, was established to provide financial support to patients undergoing care from The Ottawa Hospital’s Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Program. These patients faced substantial out-of-pocket expenses that were not covered by public health care plans. To address this challenge and enhance fundraising efforts, the Fund sought to establish a brand identity and a user-friendly website to engage potential donors and raise awareness about stem cells, cellular therapies, and the critical needs of patients.


The Stem Cell Patient Fund faced a significant challenge in attracting new donors and maintaining ongoing fundraising efforts. The lack of a distinct brand identity and an informative platform hindered their ability to effectively communicate the importance of their cause and the financial burden patients endured while undergoing treatments.


The Stem Cell Patient Fund partnered with Extension Marketing to develop a comprehensive brand identity, including a brand positioning statement and a unique logo. This new brand identity aimed to create an emotional connection with potential donors and raise awareness about the impact of stem cells and cellular therapies on patients’ lives.

To complement the brand identity, Extension Marketing designed and launched a user-friendly and educational website in late December 2022. The website served as an essential platform to educate potential donors about the medical advancements in stem cell therapies and the financial challenges faced by patients. It also offered various ways for donors to contribute, making the donation process more accessible and efficient.

Extension Marketing also created a compelling poster design, strategically placed throughout The Ottawa Hospital and high-traffic areas in downtown Ottawa. The posters served as a visual representation of the Fund’s mission and drove traffic to the website, increasing its reach and impact.


The implementation of the new brand identity and website has been highly successful, resulting in significant progress in fundraising and donor engagement. The metrics from January 1 to June 30, 2023, showcase the positive impact of these efforts:

Digital Engagement:

  • A total of 1,427 website visits indicated a substantial increase in outreach and awareness.
  • The website garnered 23 donation link clicks, 16 of which were direct referrals. This highlights the effectiveness of the website in motivating potential donors to contribute.
  • The website received 3 clicks to The Ottawa Hospital (THO) link, demonstrating an increase in interest and support for the hospital’s transplant and cellular therapy program.
  • One form submission was made directly through the website, showcasing that donors found the platform user-friendly and effective in facilitating donations.

User Traffic:

  • The website attracted 233 users during the given period, 32 of whom came through organic searches, and 26 from social media platforms. This indicates a successful digital outreach campaign in engaging new donors outside the foundation’s existing network.
  • The website reached donors from various locations, with significant traction observed in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City, further expanding the Fund’s reach and impact.

The Stem Cell Patient Fund’s partnership with Extension Marketing for branding and digital outreach has proven to be successful. The newly developed brand identity, along with the informative and user-friendly website, has significantly increased donor engagement, resulting in a growing network of supporters outside the foundation’s existing reach.

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