Gone are the days of the advertising agency like you see in Mad Men. There is just so much going on, so many mediums to market on, so much opportunity in the connected world that we live in. Are there still ad agencies around? Of course, and many of them do great work in graphic design, advertising and website design, but many companies have started to pull back a lot of the strategy to being in-house because of the pure monstrosity of a beast that marketing is in 2019.

That was until the rise of the Virtual Marketing Department. This concept is derived from the outsourcing model that many businesses are using to great success. Companies will have less staff on the inside, more experts on the outside that you can hire at a fraction of the cost.

Companies need strategic marketing vision and planning from top level marketing executives and creatives but what is the cost to bring in a VP of that nature? If you can’t afford to do that – then look at the Virtual Marketing Department model where you will get a team of people that cater to your marketing needs, provide expert advice and opinions as well as a layer of sober second thought to your marketing challenges.

In large companies, the CMO or VP of Marketing handles this strategic thinking about revenue and obtaining new customers. This is where the creative agency thrives. They can be used for their creative expertise and execution, all while accomplishing specific tasks.

For most small to medium businesses that don’t have full time marketing staff or anybody in that role at all – bringing in outside help may be the best decision you make all year.

Your virtual marketing department will carry strategy from the top down in your organization. They will be vital aids in helping with the planning and budgeting of your marketing calendar year as well as working with your company to understand and better convey your brand and strategic vision. They will help better understand your customers and what are the best ways to talk to them and through what mediums.

When we talk about strategic marketing it really boils down to a wholesome look at your marketing.

What is the Return on Investment of your website?

0 if no one can find it.

What is the Return on Investment of an SEO campaign.

0 if you don’t have a website for people to search for.

Marketing has to be a holistic practice where each action complements another and the company as a whole. By not having a marketing strategy and just relying on tactics you could have enormous gaps in your marketing that can be scaring off customers.

Most Virtual Marketing Firms will be focused on bringing you Return on Your Objectives rather than just ROI because some of your marketing goals may have nothing to do with making money – it may be about changing the behaviour of your customer base or rebranding your company for the future.

A virtual marketing department is a strategic partner in your business. They go beyond tactics and spending marketing dollars. They will be focused on moving your business forward and be able to explain the thinking behind each decision because they understand your overall goals.

A virtual marketing department will create strategies to increase the lifetime value of an average customer, they will improve your targeting, refocus the position of your brand and guide you in strategic planning and budgeting.

Once all of the strategy and research is out of the way you will have a team working for you to implement all of the strategies using many different mediums, tactics and tools of communication.

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